Finalist of Xilinx Open Hardware Contest

Big congratulations to our PhD candidate Miss Simona Sibio, whose project on ‘Spectrum Knowledge Acquisition from a 5G Signal’ has been selected as one of the finalists in the Xilinx Open Hardware Contest 2021.

Considering the explosion of 5G networks, the quantity of information needed to improve the transmission and increase the data rate is grown. At the same time, there is the necessity to reduce the fixed bandwidth occupation dedicated to the channel state information and transmission schemes, in order to decode correctly the coming data. As a consequence, the wireless devices must be able to learn and extract knowledge from the signals. In this vision, the aim of the project is to implement a digital circuit that is able to extract information about the resource mapping type, instead of obtaining it through the Downlink Control Information (DCI). Specifically, calculating the correlation between two parts of the different received grid sections, the location of Demodulation Reference Signal is identified, and hence the resource mapping configuration is detected.

For more details of this project, please see the video below.