EPSRC Strategic Equipment Grant Awarded

We have been awarded more than £1M from EPSRC, with another £0.5M match funding from school, to establish an experimental satellite ground station facility (SGSF).

SGSF will be hosted by Heriot-Watt University and be located at the Errol airfield, collocated with Dundee Satellite Station Ltd (DSS).

SGSF will provide currently unavailable capabilities and accelerate research in space technologies and will flexibly support the needs of broad research communities developing e.g. mm-wave and optical communications technologies; quantum communications; non-terrestrial and terrestrial network integration, as well as; astronomical instrumentation and data collection. SGSF will also catalyse industry academia interactions, synergising with urgent needs to validate emerging technologies on tracking antennas, optical/quantum comms, spaceborne lidar calibration and pilot satellite missions.

For more information, please refer to the project description here, and contact project lead: Prof. George Goussetis.