Aymeric Cailleux completed his studies in Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering through an apprenticeship program at INSA de Rennes & Thales SIX GTS FRANCE Laval, specializing in the aeronautic field, in 2022. During 2021, he undertook an internship at the European Space Agency, stationed at the ESOC site, where he focused on electro-photonic sampling applied to ground stations for X and Ka bands.

Presently, Aymeric is pursuing a Ph.D. with a focus on “Satellite Communications – Modeling Active Antennas for Optimal Piloting,” conducted in collaboration between Thales Alenia Space France, Toulouse, and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

Aymeric’s doctoral research focuses on the development of models and compensation techniques for mitigating distortion at the transmitter, ensuring adherence to spectrum regulations and communication standards. His research interests include active phased arrays, behavioral models, power amplifiers, active reflection coefficients, and the load-pull effect.