Mark received a BSc from the University of the South Bank in 1976 after studying part time while working at the GEC Hirst Research Centre in Wembley. In 1976 he joined Imperial College London as a research assistant working on an Admiralty sponsored project carrying out research into active filters.

In 1980 he joined the Matra-Marconi Space microwave filter group and was made Project Manager for a large ESTEC funded space program.

In 1987 he founded the Filter group in Bae Space Systems (now Airbus Defence and Space), at the time the only group in Europe supplying both space qualified IMUX and OMUX for satellite communication payloads. In 1996 he was elected a Fellow of the IEE (now IET).

His research interests have included active filters, the correlation of pseudo random sequencies, high speed digital transmission over fibre optic and coaxial cables, microwave dielectric resonator, superconducting, coaxial resonator and reconfigurable filters. He was also involved in the accurate circuit modelling of IMUX and OMUX to allow whole payload channel characterisation and fault finding.

In recent years his main interests have been wide band triaxial ellipsoid filters, passive intermodulation distortion and multipaction mitigation.  He holds a number of patents relating to microwave filters.