Funder: EPSRC, EP/P025129/1
PI: Prof. George Goussetis
Period: 1st Aug. 2017 ~ 31st Dec. 2019
Funding: £234,442
Research Scope: The vision of this project is to optimise the exploitation of space borne resources in future heterogeneous wireless comms systems by accelerating the deployment of new and higher mm-wave frequency bands for high data rate gateway links between satellite platforms and the terrestrial communication infrastructure. This will be achieved by virtue of a pioneering study that brings together expertise on wireless and satellite communication systems, mm-wave electronics and antennas, atmospheric propagation and digital channel modelling and characterisation. The urgent priority for new mm-wave bands in emerging sitcom systems is evidenced by ESA’s TDP#5 mission involving a Q-band (38 GHz) beacon on board the ALPHASAT satellite, which provides a unique opportunity to experimentally characterise atmospheric fading at this frequency. Our world-leading consortium has exclusive access to all three UK-based receive ground stations for this mission as well as exclusive access to meteorological (incl. rain radar) and radiometric data at zero cost to the project.